Simpsons Golf Shop - Carnoustie's journey as an Open venue

The simpsons Golf Shop has survived  as  a  business  in continuous trading  since  1883 and for that reason it is now  acknowledged  as  the  “second  oldest  golf  shop  in  the  world”. This is an  enviable  status  in  what  has  become  a  major  global  industry.  But not that many people know much about the story of  the  Simpsons  family  whose  name  lives  on  today.  Until  now  the  story  has   been  told by a few writers but this is our chance to put the record straight.    We have started these blogs to tell everyone about the great heritage belonging to Simpsons of Carnoustie. Its also a story about Carnoustie and some of the people that made the Championship Links home to the Open. Its why we have now held 7 Opens and why we welcome back the Open 2018. The carnoustie Golf Club has begun to tell the story of the 250 to 300 lads from Carnoustie who went out into the developing world of golf and made it what it is today. They became golf pros and secretaries, golf course designers and coaches, ball makers and club makers in every corner of the world that golf was played. The Carnoustie Club recognises that this great story begun with the Simpsons familiy especially since many of these Carnoustie lads learnt their trade in the Simpsons Shop making clubs and learning the skills the Simpsons brothers were famous for.

So the story of the Simpsons brothers is a great story as they contributed a great deal to the world of golf.. In fact, the  Simpsons  family came from from  Earlsferry  and  Elie  Royal  Burgh  in  the  county to the south of the Tay estuary known as the Kingdom  of  Fife,  Scotland  -­-  the  “Home  of  World  Golf” 

There  were  six  Simpson brothers.  They were all  brilliant  dashing  players  of  golf;  but  Robert,  Archie  and  Jack  became to most proficient and famous in  their  field.  The  Simpsons  brothers  were  born  and  raised  in  Earlsferry   in  the  “Kingdom”  of  Fife - the place the world knows to be the most famous  golfing  county  in  the  world.    The  village  of  Earlsferry  lies  adjacent  to  Elie  and  is situated close to  St  Andrews. Of course, St Andrews became   the  “Mecca”  or  “Home  of  World  Golf”. From this it is cleat that golf  was  in  the  veins  of  the  Simpsons  brothers.  Their  father,  Alexander  was  a  stone  mason  by  trade  and  two or three of the  boys  followed  in  his  footsteps.  But  the  family  home  was  just  a  short  distance  from  the  Elie golf Links which is  a  wonderful  golf  course  just a short distance  from  where  they  lived.  Growing up, golf  clubs  were  their  toys  and  it  was  only  natural  that  each  of  them  would  reach  a  level  of  excellence  in  the  great  game  of  golf.  

When  Robert  Simpson got the job as Keeper of the courses in 1883, it created a wonderful legacy which helped to make Carnoustie Golf links what it is today - Home to the Carnoustie Open 2018 one of the world's greatest links golf courses which has  already hosted 7 Open Championships.

Please feel free to follow our blogs as we continue the great story of Carnoustie - the Simpsons - The Open and the tremedous contribution Carnoustie made to the Home of Golf and the development of the golf industry as we know it.

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