Simpsons Golf Shop welcomes the Carnoustie Open 2018

Simpsons Golf Shop is preparing for the  Carnoustie 2018 Open. Over  the  decades,  many  of  the  world’s  greatest  golfers  and  celebrities  have  crossed  its  threshold of Simpsons Golf Shop in Carnoustie.  It was established by Robert Simpson in 1883 when he was just 20 yrs old..  That was when young Bob was employed by the Dalhousie Club as keeper of the courses.. IHe was joined by  Robert, Archie, Jack and David who were frequent competitorson the British Open rota between 1882 and 1907.

Through  many  decades  of  competitive  golf  played  over  Carnoustie’s  historic  links;  we have hosted seven  previous British  Open  Championship  tournaments. We have also hosted many other   world  class  events  including the  Alfred  Dunhill  Links  Championship,  the  Seniors  Open  and  the  Women’s  Ricoh  British  Open.   Millions  of  satellite  TV  viewers,  as well as  golfers  and  spectators  from  across  the  globe  have  visited  Carnoustie  and  left  with  vivid  memories  of  the  iconic  Simpsons Golf shop.    

In  addition  to  the  Carnoustie Open  winners  like  Ben  Hogan,  Tom  Watson,  Gary  Player  and  Paul  Lawrie;  many  famous film  stars  like  Frank  Sinatra  and  famous  golf  and  sporting  commentators  like  Peter  Allis  have  provided  story  lines  for locals  and  media  moguls  alike.  Over the years some  of  the  world's  most  famous  amateur  golfers  including  Sir  Winston Churchill  and  Sir  Arthur  Conan  Doyle  have  visited Simpsons of Carnoustie   both  as  a  friend  and  customer  of  the  founder,  Bob Simpson.

The  historic  building  itself  is iconic  with  its  charming  dome  and  traditional  period  elevation.  The  timber  balustrade  (painted  sporting  green)  straddling  a  raised  veranda  frontage and the dome is resplendent.   The striking colours of the dome with its  painted  coat  of  vivid  red,  blue,  green  and  white  is  reminiscent  of  the  original  1920’s  cotton  golf  umbrella.  This  vibrant  blaze  of  primary colours  is  easily  seen  by  golfers  finishing  their  game  a  few  yards  away  on  the  18th  green. The dome  has  been  a  feature  in  the  landscape  of  the  Carnoustie  Links  since  it  was  built  there  in  1903.  However  the  Simpsons  Golf  Shop  has  a  much  longer  history  having  been  established  as  a  business  by  Robert  Simpson  in  1883.  There  is  much  more  to  this  story  than  just  the  shop  because  the  Simpsons  family  not  only  left  their  mark  on  the  heritage  of  Carnoustie’s  famous  Open venue but  also  made  a  significant  contribution  to  the  development  of  competitive  golf  and  the  golf  industry  that  now  engages  people  of  all  ages  from  across  the  globe. 

The original golf pro shop in Carnoustie was established by the Dalhousie Club in 1883 when - at the age of 20 - Bob Simpson was chosen to look after the already famous Carnoustie links. He established his business in the first Simpsons Golf Shop on Links Parade - a few steps along Links parade from where the shop stands today. Being responsible for the Links - golf in Carnoustie revolved around the suimpsons golf Shop which was if you like the original official golf pro shop - the first truly official Carnoustie golf pro shop.

Carnoustie is now getting ready for its eighth Open Championship in 2018. Simpsons of Carnoustie is looking forward to welcoming the Carnoustie open 2018 and players and spectators from across the globe.

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