When Bob established the original Official Carnoustie Golf pro Shop

So when did it all start. when was the original Official Carnoustie Golf Pro Shop establshed?

At  the  age  of  17,  Bob  Simpson  took  an  apprenticeship  with  George  Forrester  whose  workshop  was  close  to  his  home  and  just  across  the  road  from  the  Elie  Links.  This  was  convenient  for  Bob  who  honed  his  golfing  skills  and  when  still  17  came  second  only  to  James  Anderson  in  an  all-­-comers  match  at  Elie  which  propelled  him  forward  as  an  accomplished  golfer  while  still  in  his  teens.  His  career  then  took  a  fast  upward  turn  when  he  became  apprentice  to  Robert  Forgan  at  St  Andrews  and  it  was  there  his  club  making  talents  grew  quite  noticeably.  He  had  already  played  many  tournament  matches  with  success.  While  his  playing  talent  was  growing,  his  club  making  talent  was  also  being  noticed  having  been  well  schooled  by  two  of  the  greatest  club  makers  of  that  time;  George  Forrester  and  Robert  Forgan.  Apart  from  his  club  making  and  golfing  prowess,  of  particular  note  was  his  striking  character  and  he  was  well  known  as  a  gentleman  and  being  most  polite  in  all  his  dealings.  Only  kind  words  have  been  spoken  of  Bob  and  even  to  his  death  he  was  regarded  with  respect  as  a  kind  and  gentle  person.   

Such  qualities  were  recognised  first  when  in  1883,  at  the  young  age  of  20  years,  Bob was  hired  as  a  professional  by  the  Dalhousie  Club  of  Carnoustie.  The  Dalhousie  Club  founded  in 1868  recorded  in  their  minutes  “…  That  after  careful  examination  and  conversation….  The Chairman  stated  that  he  had  seen  and  played  with  both  candidates  and  on  his recommendation  the  meeting  unanimously  resolved  to  appoint  R  Simpson,  St  Andrews,  for  12  months  at  a  salary  of  £5  per  annum  with  the  full  use  of  the  club’s  workshop  and  fittings…”    

That was when Bob established his business which at the time was the original Official Carnoustie Golf Pro Shop where Bob was based in his new role as Keeper of the courses. The original official Carnoustie Golf pro Shop soon became famous as he was joined by brothere Archie and Jack.

Since that time Carnoustie has been the venue for 7 British Open Championships and the next Open at Carnoustie will be played in 2018.

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