Open Fans say “No” to R&A’s “No-readmissions” policy

Dave Valentine MBE owner of Simpsons Golf Shop  launched an online petition today to give lovers of the Open their chance to have their say.

He said "Readers of my previous blogs and local press articles from the Community Council and others have kept approaching me to voice their concern. The general feeling  was they hadn't realised the true impact of the R&A's new policy. So, I launched this petition to let fans of the Open throughout the UK and abroad have their say. The fans themselves can let the R&A know how they feel and what effect the new poilcy will have on what is possibly the best sporting event in the world."

Please forward this message and tell all your friends on twitter and facebook to sign the petition by clicking on this link

“Fans from across the world won’t know what the R&A’s “No-readmissions” policy means until they arrive in Carnoustie and find they can’t leave the course without paying again. That’s not good for the fans, its not good for the Open, and it’s not good for Carnoustie.

This petition gives paying fans everywhere the chance to be heard.

I feel the R&A have made a mistake by saying this new policy will guard against the "inferior" and "unofficial" off-course hospitality. This is a slur on the hundreds of excellent pubs, eateries and cafes in all the Open Rota venues including Carnoustie.

Everyone I meet says the policy is unfair because shopkeepers, club stewards, residents with young children, business owners and employees can’t afford to go on and off the course to take care of their family or work based responsibilities.  So, the people who have worked hardest to make Carnoustie a great golfing destination will be hit hardest.

Thousands of fans will spend 10 hours or more on-course each day. Some will buy a weekly ticket or weekend bundle and only a privileged few can afford the on-course hospitality packages costing £420 or£900 per person. We must tell the R&A we want the freedom to stroll around the host town, visit local shops and cafes or enjoy an affordable sit-down lunch at a local pub or restaurant.

This petition gives Open fans everywhere the “people-power” to voice their opinion and ask the R&A to think again. “


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