Engraved Robert Simpson Signature Decanter and Glasses set

Engraved Robert Simpson Signature Decanter and Glasses set

Item Number: 9876543

This beautiful Limited Edition 'ROBERT SIMPSON' Signature Decanter & Glasses Set has been skillfully engraved by Alexis Valentine - Hand Drill Glass & Crystal Engraver onto a Dartington Crystal Circle Spirit Decanter & matching Glasses. ?The set features an exquisite Hand Drill Engraved Image of Robert Simpson standing in a relaxed pose while holding one of his clubs and wearing a deerstalker hat, waistcoat and fob watch.

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Special Limited edition set!

The famous Simpsons of Carnoustie Domed Logo is engraved on top of the Stopper with the words 'Simpsons of Carnoustie Scotland' engraved around it and again the words fully encompass the base of both the glasses and decanter.

The official Robert Simpson Signature stamp, taken from one of his famous Mashie Niblicks (circa 1900) has been carefully recreated on both glasses and also above his engraved image linking all three pieces in the set.

As each set has been engraved by hand no two will be completely alike making each set unique.